Height: 54″

Top Ledge: 8″ ESP

Upright: 6″ ESP

Framework: ESP

Wall: Steel w/Stainless Steel Wall Saver

Round Sizes: 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′, 30′

More Details

Introducing a fresh, new blend of elegant colors, quality design and durability.  Add the Edge pool to your backyard and transform it into an everyday vacation.  Innovative ESP components make this an eye-catching addition to any yard.  The revolutionary design means fewer parts and easier installation.


Evolution Advantage Pools feature ESP Technology:

  • Enhanced Structural Polymer Technology (ESP)
  • ESP Frame System 125
  • Everlock Dual Frames
  • ESP Corrosion Free Foundation System
  • ESP Pool Saver Walls
  • High Impact Modifiers

Why Evolution Advantage Pools?

It’s simple… ESP is the best material.

  • It’s stronger.
  • It’s longer lasting.
  • Its appearance holds up better over time.