Want a pool treated with natural minerals instead of harsh chemicals?  Simple Salt has all the benefits of a traditional salt system using low levels of salt so that is less corrosive. Make your aboveground swimming pool easy to maintain and pleasurable to swim in while extending the life of the pool!

The Simple Salt System provides swimming pool owners with a better quality of water, while eliminating daily usage of harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. Traditional salt systems can cause corrosion to the steel wall and top rails. More and more pool manufacturers will not warranty a pool that uses a traditional salt system. The Simple Salt System utilizes salt in a unique way, simply kick starting the process, to provide better quality water which is also environmentally friendly and safe for your pool. It provides a controlled and testable amount of natural minerals, in this case copper, of which the ideal range is between 0.3-0.5 ppm.

Shock is necessary with any pool maintenance program. Shimmer combines two of the most effective ingredients in water treatment, Calcium Hypochlorite and Sodium Tetra Borate. Calcium Hypochlorite is a fast acting, short-lived bacteria stat. It is used as an oxidizing agent that strips away harsh chloramines without leaving a high chlorine residual. The calcium in this weekly shock replenishes calcium leaving the pool through splash out and prevents corrosion of vital pool equipment. Adding a small dose of Sodium Tetra Borate on a weekly basis ensures that your pool stays algae-free due to the lack of carbon dioxide in the water. Sodium Tetra Borate is also used as a water softening salt. It keeps your water silky smooth while also shimmering clear and does not irritate the skin or eyes. By using these highly efficient chemicals we are greatly reducing the time spent treating the pool water.

The Simple Salt System offers such advanced technology that it is truly a low-maintenance system; set it and forget it! Just remember to test your pool water weekly. There is even a water temperature display and system active indicator so you can rest assured that your system is functioning properly.

A 40 lb. bag of salt, one time only, on new pools will achieve a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level of 1000 ppm or greater, kick starting the natural minerals. This will enable us to get a clear reading when testing for copper. Again, the ideal range for copper is between 0.3-0.5 ppm.

The Simple Salt System is environmentally friendly! By eliminating the need for daily sanitizers, we are helping the planet. You can even recycle the plastic chamber when the copper is depleted. When the chamber light illuminates, it is time to replace the chamber. The chamber will last one season on most pools. A number of factors will determine the life expectancy of the chamber such as pool size, weather, and usage.

The most important things to remember is that the Simple Salt System is easy to use and safe for kids, pets, your swimming pool, and the planet!